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Graphic Design, Web Design, Letterpress and Risograph Printing, Newburgh, New York.
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Markus Hartel Sir Raghaus
Sir Raghaus
Photo by Jennifer Kroll

Markus Hartel was born in a small industrial town in western Germany. His creative itch matched his love for mechanics when he started a typesetting apprenticeship. Times were changing and the new technology was killing the craft of printmaking, but Markus found a way to capitalize on this new wave of technology and opened his own print shop. Once he grew restless, he closed shop and moved to NYC where he became one of the better known modern Street Photographers. Eventually, the city was too chaotic for the life he wanted to pursue and he found Newburgh in an article while on vacation. One visit to Newburgh had him and the perfect letterpress had him hooked. He set up shop on Broadway and has loved Newburgh ever since.

“Markus, you do beautiful work. I love your attention to detail and your high standards. It’s so absolutely refreshing.”

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