The creative team at hrtl me/dia Inc.

hrtl me/dia Inc. is a boutique digital marketing & design studio in the Hudson Valley that operates based on its founders deeply held beliefs and values. Our designs are our way to contribute to the world, to help others find their footing in the murky waters of evolving technology, and come out ahead. We are passionate about every project we take on and believe that “taking it personally” is a compliment.

Every client is an individual entity and we absolutely believe in custom creation – automatisms don’t do it for us and robots don’t work for us. Each (mobile) app, web site and graphic design is uniquely developed to meet the goals of your business, incorporating your values, your priorities and your voice to the height of our craft. It’s our job to say what you want to say, it’s our job to wrap it up in a timely fashion, and it’s our job illustrate your biz needs with a genuine, visually pleasing message.

Individual attention is key to the way we do business. We pride ourselves on being reachable, approachable and patient.

If we were only in it for the money – we’d be on Wall Street. Our focus is collaborating on quality projects with people and businesses we believe in. Nothing excites us more than seeing our clients’ joy as they see the results of the process.

Honesty and integrity are words that get a lot of play in this world; and at hrtl me/dia Inc., we take them to heart. We take deadlines and budgets seriously and are willing to dish out the tough love in telling you what we think about your current site, or how much needs to be edited in your distilled message for your mobile app or web site. We take on clients that we see potential in, and whom we can stand behind; and we do everything we can to help them reach that potential.

Markus Hartel

Markus comes from a uniquely diverse background in the graphic industry, excelling in both the technical and creative. During the past 20 years, Markus has run and owned a substantial and successful print shop in Germany; he designs innovative graphics, logos, websites and apps for his freelance clients in New York; he did photo retouching for large advertising agencies; he is an award winning, published photographer and spends his free time keeping current on the latest trends in digital technology, design and computer science.

Bridget Hayes

The daughter of a serious computer geek, Bridget missed the techie gene. However, she did inherit her father’s love for problem solving and has combined that with her love of people to create a life spent serving others. With a background in writing and communications, Bridget has been an actress, a salesman and a high level personal assistant. What has really excited her over the years, though, is putting together new businesses. She has started a few successful ones of her own and has been the go-to person for friends and family in need of brainstorming, marketing or simply a good edit.

Serene Leung

Hi! I’m Serene and I’m a graphic designer… Making something that looks good is the basis of my design but more than that, I am also a visual storyteller, problem solver and a magician.


223 Broadway, Newburgh, NY. 845-565-1066