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You Park Like Helen Keller Braille Bad Parking job

you suck at parking business card

You park like Helen Keller. Set of 25 Conversation Cards embossed with Braille – Bad Parking Job

Set of 25 funny conversation cards perfect for those inevitable times you can’t take someone’s bad parking job any longer.
This is the second edition of our infamous “You park like Helen Keller” with added type in Braille… Hilarious!

This set of bad parking business cards works great as an ice-breaker or just an honest act of constructive criticism – Basically saying “You suck at parking”.
Letterpress printed on 130 lbs. off-white Suture paper on a 1965 Heidelberg Windmill. Made with love in fucking Newburgh, New York.

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Offensive Business Cards – You suck at Parking – ThisIsWhyImBroke

offensive business cards collection

you suck at parking offensive business cards

you suck at parking offensive business cards

Tell people how you really feel while keeping things professional with these offensive business cards. With everything from telling people they suck at parking, to their body odor, and even their poor choice of tattoos, there’s an offensive business card for any occasion.

Includes a variety of insults, from poor parking to horrible body odor
100 offensive business card total split up over 8 different templates
Comes in a convenient card holder box for easy storage

Buy for $19.99 on amazon

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Fuck You Love You t-shirt Men’s Women’s Unisex

fuck you love you t-shirt for women

The message is as clear as day… Where there is a lot of love, there is a lot of passion. One day one may say “I love you” and another “Fuck you”. This official Raghaus tee is the only way of showing your feelings to the world. Loud and clear.

Women’s t-shirt shop directly at Raghaus:

Fuck You Love You t-shirt for Women

Men’s Unisex t-shirt shop directly at Raghaus:

Fuck You Love You t-shirt for Men Unisex